Massage Oils

One of the best pampering sessions to revitalize mind, body and soul is a relaxing massage.

We stock BIOEARTH Pure essential Oils, Dare Essential Oils and a range of carrier Oils to suit all needs.

Carrier Oils Description
Grapeseed 500ml
Grapeseed 1 Litre
Grapeseed 5 Litre
Sweet Almond 500ml
Sweet Almond 1 Litre
Sweet Almond 5 Litre
Avocado 500ml
Avocado 1 Litre
Avocado 5 Litre
Jojoba 500ml
Jojoba 1 Litre
Jojoba 5 Litre
Coconut 500ml
Coconut 1 Litre
Coconut 5 Litre
Arnica & Grapeseed Blend 500ml
Arnica & Grapeseed Blend 1 Litre
Arnica & Grapeseed Blend 5 Litre
Water Soluble Grapeseed 1 Litre
Technical Oil 1 Litre
Essential Oils Description
Aniseed 11ml
Aniseed 22ml
Aniseed 50ml
Arnica 11ml
Arnica 22ml
Arnica 50ml
Basil 11ml
Basil 22ml
Basil 50ml
Bay 11ml
Bay 22ml
Bay 50ml
Benzoin 11ml
Benzoin 22ml
Benzoin 50ml
Bergamot 11ml
Bergamot 22ml
Bergamot 50ml
Essential Oils Description
Black Pepper 11ml
Black Pepper 22ml
Black Pepper 50ml
Cajuput Indonesia 11ml
Cajuput Indonesia 22ml
Cajuput Indonesia 50ml
Calendula 11ml
Calendula 22ml
Calendula 50ml
Camomile (German) 11ml
Camomile (German) 22ml
Camomile (German) 50ml
Camomile (Roman) 11ml
Camomile (Roman) 22ml
Camomile (Roman) 50ml
Camphor 11ml
Camphor 22ml
Camphor 50ml
Essential Oils Description
Carrot Seed 11ml
Carrot Seed 22ml
Carrot Seed 50ml
Cedarwood 11ml
Cedarwood 22ml
Cedarwood 50ml
Cinnamon 11ml
Cinnamon 22ml
Cinnamon 50ml
Citronella 11ml
Citronella 22ml
Citronella 50ml
Clary Sage 11ml
Clary Sage 22ml
Clary Sage 50ml
Clove Bud 11ml
Clove Bud 22ml
Clove Bud 50ml
Essential Oils Description
Clover Leaf 11ml
Clover Leaf 22ml
Clover Leaf 50ml
Cypress 11ml
Cypress 22ml
Cypress 50ml
Dill Herb 11ml
Dill Herb 22ml
Dill Herb 50ml
Eucalyptus 11ml
Eucalyptus 22ml
Eucalyptus 50ml
Essential Oils Description
Garlic 11ml
Garlic 22ml
Garlic 50ml
Geranium 11ml
Geranium 22ml
Geranium 50ml
Ginger 11ml
Ginger 22ml
Ginger 50ml
Jasmine 11ml
Jasmine 22ml
Jasmine 50ml
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