Salon Specifics Waxes

Manufactured right here in SA. Salon Specifics compromises a range of easy to use quality waxes.

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Strip Wax Cartridges Description
Cartridge 80g Honey
Cartridge 80g Azulene
Cartridge 100g Lemongrass
Cartridge 100g Honey
Cartridge 100g Azulene
Strip Wax Tins Description
Strip Wax 800g Lemon Grass
Strip Wax 800g Honey
Strip Wax 800g Azulene
Strip Wax 800g Tea Tree
Hot Wax Trays Description
Hot Wax 1kg Honey
Hot Wax 1kg Azulene
Hot Wax 1kg Tea Tree
Hot Wax 1kg Lavender Pearl
Hot Wax 1kg Antique Rose
Hot Wax 1kg Geranium Film
Pre & Post Treatments Description
Collagen Cream 300ml
Collagen Cream 1 Litre
Anti Septic Paraffin Spray 300ml
Pre Wax Lotion Spray 300ml
Pre Wax Lotion Refill 1 Litre
Post Wax Cream Pump 300ml
Post Wax Cream Refill 1 Litre
Post Wax Rose Oil Spray 300ml
Post Wax Rose Oil Refill 1 Litre
PSoothing Gel 300ml
Citrus Wax Cleaner 300ml
Citrus Wax Cleaner 1 Litre
Wax Sheet Small
Wax Sheet Large
Empty Tin 500g
Empty Tin 800g
Heaters & Kits Description
Delux Wax Heater 800g
Double Wax Pot 500g / 800g
Cartridge Heater - SS Single
Cartridge Heater - BI Single
Cartridge Heater Duo
Cartridge Heater Trio
Paraffin Wax Heater 2.5 kg
Paraffin Wax Kit 2.5 kg
Student Wax Kit 800g
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