Extra Supplies

We stock a large variety of additional supplies to complete the salon treatment process with ease.

Here you can find a list of disposables, vital for first-class hygiene and protection.

Disposables Description
Cosmetic Wedges 4's
Cotton Wool Interleafed
1st Grade
Cotton Wool Pads 80's
Disposable Caps 100's
Disposable Caps 10's
Disposables Description
Disposable Ladies G-Strings 1's
Disposable Mens Tangas 1's
Distilled Water 5L
Ear Buds 100's
Facial Sponges - Yellow 2 pack
Facial Sponges - Bulk 10's
Disposables Description
Gauze Roll 90 x 5m
Gauze Squares 100 x 100 100's
J&J Anti-Septic Powder 200g
J&J Baby Powder 50g
J&J Baby Powder 200g
Disposables Description
Lancets 200's
Latex Finger Cots 10's
Latex Finger Cots 100's
Medical Towel Roll Large
Medical Towel Roll Small
Needles 25g
Disposables Description
Non–Woven Nail Wipes 50 x 50
Peroxide 10vol 100ml
Peroxide 20vol 100ml
Plastic Pipette Dropper 1's
Plastic Spatula 1's
Disposables Description
Surgical Face Mask - Loops 100's
Tissues Box 90
Tissues Refill 90
Vaseline 50g
Vaseline 100g
Gloves (S/M/L) Description
Latex Powder Free
Latex Powdered
Vinyl Powder Free
Vinyl Powdered
Nitril Powder Free
Disposables Description
Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 1 Litre
Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 5 Litre
Dare Pro - Techt 250ml
Dare Pro - Techt 1 Litre
Surgical Spirits 1 Litre
Dare Tool Sterilizer 1 Litre
Disinfecting Soak 1 Litre
Disposables Description
Acetone 1 Litre
Acetone 5 Litre
Non - Acetone 1 Litre
Non - Acetone 5 Litre
Disposables Description
Mask Brush - Soft 1's
Flexi Mask Bowl Large
Flexi Mask Bowl Small