Foot Treatments

Pamper your feet

The feet are often neglected, especially in today's busy lifestyle of rushing to and fro.

Treat your customers with our excellent foot treatments which will excite them in booking their next salon appointment.

Soaks, Creams & Scrubs Description
Foot Soak 1 Litre
Foot Soak 5 Litre
Available in: Peach
Massage Cream 500ml Tub
Available in: Mint, Lavender, Strawberry
Rose, Peach, Lemon
Rooibos, Natural
Peppermint Foot Scrub 500ml
Body Scrub 500ml
Medipod Description
Trial Size 15ml
Retail Size 100ml
Salon Size 500ml
Fungi Solve 500ml
Fungi Solve 1 Litre