Hair Products

For beautiful, healthy & shiny hair

People are particularly concerned with the condition of their hair; a good hair day can make all the difference in having a happy day.

Use our products to enhance the natural shine and beauty of hair, as well as repair all damaged hair types.

Jungle Fever Products Description
JF Tints 100ml Tube
113 Shades, rich in Palm Tree oil with less than 1% ammonia. Perfect lasting colour,
healthier hair.
JF Bleach 500g (violet / white)
JF Peroxide 1 Litre (7/10/20/30/40 vol)
JF Colour Fix Shampoo 1 Litre
JF Colour Fix Mask 1 Litre
JF Henna Therapy Hair Rebuilder Shampoo 250ml
JF Henna Therapy Hair Rebuilder Conditioner 250ml
JF Henna Therapy Lotion 10 x 10ml Ampoules
JF Scalp Therapy Shampoo 250ml
JF Scalp Therapy Triple Action drops 100ml
JF Shining Serum 100ml
JF Wild Shine 175ml
JF Wild Straight 250ml
JF Wild Pomade 150ml
JF Design Gel 300ml
JF Wild Foam 300ml
JF Wild Fix 300ml
JF Jungle Mist 300ml
FEVA Products (Local) Description
Bleach 400g
Peroxide 1 Litre
Honeysuckle Shampoo 5 Litre
Honeysuckle Conditioner 5 Litre
Hair Spray 1 Litre
Silver Shampoo 1 Litre
Silver Shampoo 500ml
Silver Shampoo 250ml
Wet Wax 125ml
Tex Paste 125ml
Matt wax 125ml
Colour Restore & Funky Colours 250ml