Mani & Pedi

For beautiful hands and feet

A well manicured person feels beautiful and stands out when presenting themselves to others.

Make use of our first-rate products to assure the requirements of your customers.

Buffers & Shiners Description
Block White (Buff only)
Block Blue 4 way (Shine & Buff)
Miracle Shiner  
Nail Files Description
100 x 180 Straight, Teardrop
Banana, Half Moon
80 x 80 Straight - black or white
T120 x 240 (Zebra) Teardrop, Straight, Banana
240 x 320 Straight
Ruby Stone  
Mani & Pedi Description
Callous Blades Box 10
Callous Slicer Professional (Plastic)
Callous Slicer Plastic
Callous Slicer TITANIA - Soft Grip
Cuticle Nipper Double Spring / Single Spring
Cuticle Pusher Stainless Steel
Cuticle Pusher Plastic
Dampen Dish White / Clear
Mani & Pedi Description
Disposable Pedi Slippers Pair
Foot Rasp  
Manicure Brush  
Menda Pump Bottle  
Nail Scissor Curved Blade
Pedicure File Replacement Grits
Plastic Pedicure File  
Mani & Pedi Description
Replacement Grits Variety pack (6)
Replacement Grits Coarse (5)or Medium (5)
Stork Scissor  
Tip Cutter  
Toe Separators Pair
Toenail Clipper Small
Toenail Clipper Large
Tweezers Various
UV Lamp 9watt
UV Lamp 36watt
Tips Description
Individual Sizes (0-9) Bag 50
Set 100
Set 400
Available in F/W or Natural (cut-out or non-cut out)
CM Nail Products Description
Top Coat – Quick Dry 18ml
Base Coat - Milky 18ml
Nail Polishes 18ml
Dare Nail Products Description
Air Dry Shine Top Coat 18ml
Cuticle Oil 18ml
Cuticle Softner 18ml
Perfect Balance (nail prep) 18ml
Primer 18ml
Non- Acid Primer 18ml
Acrylic Powder Description
30cc Pink, White, Clear
50cc Pink, White, Clear
100cc Pink, White, Clear
250cc Pink, White, Clear
Acrylic Monomer Description
50ml Primerless
100ml Primerless
200ml Primerless
500ml Primerless
50ml Medium Dry
100ml Medium Dry
200ml Medium Dry
500ml Medium Dry
Acrylic Brushes Description
Kolinsky Round or Oval Pure Sable #6
Kolinsky Round or Oval Pure Sable #7
Kolinsky Round or Oval Pure Sable #8
Wooden Handle (Pink) #4
Wooden Handle (Pink) #6
Wooden Handle (Kolinsky) #7 (limited stock!)
Teflon Gel Brush #4
Builder Gel (pink, clear) 6g
Builder Gel (pink, clear) 16g
Colour Gels 6g
Colour Gels 16g
Nail Affair Description
Top Coat 15ml
Top Coat 100ml
Base Coat 15ml
Base Coat 100ml
Cuticle Oil 15ml
Cuticle Remover 15ml
Cuticle Oil 100ml
Cuticle Remover 100ml
Quick Dry Drops 15ml
Quick Dry Spray 100ml
Polish Thinners 100ml
French Pink 15ml
French White 15ml
Ridge Filler 15ml
Polishes 15ml
Demert Enamel Dryer Aerosol Can
Lechat Description
Top Coat 15ml
Perfect Match Colour Gel Polish
Perfect Match Base & Top Gel
Nobility PrimeBond
Nobility Gel Cleanser
Dare Primer
Dare Gel Cleanser 200ml
UV Lamp 36watt
UV Lamp 9watt