Skin & Body Care

Take care of your skin

Good skin care is absolutely vital for a healthy, radiant and young looking skin.

Our products will help in combating the signs of ageing and ensure that your clients love the skin they are in.

Facial Retail Packs Description
Cream Cleanser 200ml Dispenser
Facial Wash 200ml Dispenser
Gel Cleanser 200ml Dispenser
Skin Toner 200ml Dispenser
Facial Exfoliant 75ml Tube
Enzyme Exfoliant 75ml Tube
Moisturiser #1 Normal/Comb 75ml Tube
Moisturiser #2 Dry Skin 75ml Tube
Ultra Hydrate 75ml Tube
Hydrogel (Oil Free) 75ml Tube
Enriched Nightcare 75ml Tube
Clarifying Clay Masque 75ml Tube
Masque Professionnel 75ml Tube
Hydrating Cream Masque 75ml Tube
Skin Clarifier 75ml Tube
Diminish 75ml Tube
Eye Cream 15ml Tube
Eye Gel 15ml Tube
Hydra-Satin Night (Synergy-A) 50ml JAR
Hydra-Satin Day (Synergy-C) 50ml JAR
Hydra-Satin Oil 50ml Spritz
Enriched Hand Treatment 75ml Tube
Firming Booster Serum 30ml
SalonCare Actives Description
Acna Clear 15ml Tube
Essentially Aloe 50ml Tube
Facial Professional Packs Description
Cream Cleanser 500ml Dispenser
Facial Wash 500ml Dispenser
Gel Cleanser 500ml Dispenser
Make-up Remover (standard) 200ml Dispenser
Make-up Remover (oil-based) 200ml Dispenser
Skin Toner 500ml Dispenser
Facial Exfoliant (bead scrub) 250ml Dispenser
Enzyme Exfoliant 100ml Dispenser
Alpha Gel Active 100ml Dispenser
ph Balancer 100ml Dispenser
Massage Cream (face) 250ml Tube
Moisturiser #1 Normal/Comb 200ml Dispenser
Moisturiser #2 Dry Skin 200ml Dispenser
Clarifying Clay Mask 250ml Tube
Hydrating Cream Masque 250ml Tube
Masque Professionnel 250ml Tube
Collagen Cream 100ml Dispenser
Firming & Toning Serum 100ml Dispenser
Peel Off Alginate Masques Description
Anti-Oxidant 32g Pouch
Bulk Pack (2 x 7 pouches) 14 x 32g Pouch
Measuring Bottle 82ml
Eloctrotherapy Products Description
Facial Firming 250ml Tube
Body Firming 250ml Tube
Hydrating Gel 250ml Tube
Disincrustation 250ml Tube
Balancing Gel (oily skin) 250ml Tube
Oxygenating Cream 250ml Tube
Electro Conductive Gel 500ml Dispenser
Body Treatments Description
After Wax Soother 100ml Dispenser
Body Scrub 250ml Tube
Massage Oil (Shea butter) 250ml Tub
Body Butters 125ml Tub
Available in: Grapefruit
Coco Vanilla
Moisturiser #3 Dry Skin 250ml Tube
Manicure & Pedicure Description
Revitalising Soak 250ml Bottle
Apricot Exfoliant 250ml Tube
Massage Butter 250ml Tub
Cuticle Cream 50ml Tube
Neroli Masque 250ml Tub
Heel & Foot Balm 250ml Tub
SensitiveCare Description
Cream Cleanser 200ml Bottle
Gel Cleanser 200ml Bottle
UV Protective Moisturiser 100ml Tube
Enriched Nightcare 100ml Tube
Moisture Gel (with Aloe) 100ml Tube
Shampoo (mild) 200ml Bottle
Hair Conditioner (mild) 200ml Bottle
Shaving Cream 250ml Tube
SalonCare Man Description
Cleansing Gel 150ml Tube
Shaving Emulsion 150ml Tube
Moisturising Day Protector 100ml Tube
After Shave Balm 150ml Tube
SalonCare Advanced Description
Cleansing Milk 120ml
Moisture Boost Serum 10ml
Alpha C Boost 60ml
Pigmentation Reduction Cream 60ml